The Bonnie Camper and Coronavirus

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

As Covid-19 sweeps the globe it appears that 2020 perhaps was not the best year to start a business. Nevertheless, with change comes opportunity and here at The Bonnie Camper we are staying positive. The idea of being eaten alive by midges in the pouring rain surrounded by the hills of Scotland has never seemed so appealing and as devastating as coronavirus has been on business for 2020 it has only amplified our excitement for embarking on future adventures.

For those who have been keeping up to date with our social media you will see that we are still progressing with the conversion. The guys at Shred & Butta have been absolute troopers and continued to work on the bus while maintaining social distancing and adhering to all other government advice. We are at the point now where the bus is pretty much ready for collection. So as soon as Boris preaches the much-anticipated news of a relaxed lockdown, I will be on the first train down to London to drive the 10-metre bus 400 miles back up to Edinburgh. I am still undecided as to what terrifies me most, driving the bus for the first time or paying up on the fuel that the bus will inevitably guzzle up on the drive. Regardless, the prospect of bringing our hostel on wheels up to Scotland is what is keeping us motivated in these “unprecedented” times.

The uncertainty that clouds over us all makes it difficult to predict when tours on The Bonnie Camper will commence, however, we are staying optimistic and planning for a full season of adventures starting in April of 2021. As I know many of you are itching to see the bus in person it would be a pleasure to showcase the project once we get it up to Scotland. For anyone based in Edinburgh (Corona dependant obviously) who would like a look inside the bus please do not hesitate to get in touch and I would love to talk you through the work that we have done. You may also want to bring a paint brush as we will be painting the whole outside of the bus at some point and as the saying goes, many hands make light work.

On the bright side, we would like to think that everyone will be craving a holiday and as soon as Corona passes The Bonnie Camper will be ready to provide that well needed escape. So as we look forward to campfires on the beach and sunsets over the Highlands we must, for now, stay home and reserve our gratitude and attention for those who matter.

I hope everyone is well and stay safe!


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